My Role

Abraham Maslow wrote in 1966, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.”  This approach best describes the real estate industry over the last 45 years.  Prior to that, real estate sales were more flexible and loan assumptions were the norm with purchases.  The world, and real estate, is changing today.  The agent that carries the right tools will bring the most value moving forward.  Simply, creative financing is pathway for success for buyers and sellers that have been largely underserved by the modern real estate and lending model. 

So, what do I mean…creative financing?  What is terms?  Again, every person, every situation is different, which is awesome because listening to your story will help me better explain options specific to you!  They could include:

  • I pay to rehab your home, up to $100,000.  AND I pay both commissions, 5% of selling price (2.5+2.5).  AND I pay your closing costs. – The rehab I pay for will force appreciation so I can get my money on the back end.  No upfront cost to you!  I pay for all the work, and you “net” the full value of your current home without paying a dime of the 5% Realtors fees, i.e.  So for example, if the home sold for 1 mil, you keep the $50,000 commission ($25k+$25k) payment in your pocket.  I’ll pay the commissions out of the forced appreciation, along with the rehab costs and your closing costs.
  • Creative Finance – I specialize in creative finance, and my California attorney-approved real estate contracts are numerous, specific to many different buyers & seller’s needs.  For example, even if you don’t have any equity in your home, even if other agents have said they can’t sell it because there’s no room for commissions and closing costs to be paid, I may still be able to buy it!
  • Lease/Option to Purchase – If you need money NOW, I pay you an upfront non-refundable Option Fee, make lease payments while I have home rehabbed, then ‘exercise my option to purchase the home’ as it sells through my brokerage on the MLS.  I pay you now because you need it, AND I pay you again later…because it’s your money!  (smile)
  • Cash Offer – Nothin’ creative about this!  It’s just fast and convenient.  Basically, I pay you a percentage of what the value will be after I remodel the home.  But obviously I pay you upfront…the full amount at closing.  I take care of everything.